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"I really enjoyed "How to close deals" workshop yesterday with Suzenne where she shared many strategies and techniques about selling that stemmed from psychology and image consulting.  Thank you for your generous sharing, Suzenne.  I now have the tools to help my enquirers to make their best informed decisions about my services."

Joanne Lim, PR Consultant

"Suzenne is an accomplished and a sought-after speaker and coach. Her sessions is always delightfully relevational in uncovering neuro-linguistic techniques into practical yet simple applications such as "How to close deals" workshop.

She is a subject expert in her knowledge and impartations in a lively, participative workshop.  She is definitely a person to learn from and a highly recommended trainer."

Selina Ho, Image Consultant

"Suzenne's training will never disappoint us.  Truly amazed by her engaging, practical and friendly style of learning sessions.  Her experiences, humility and sincerity in helping more people towards success are also what made me look up to her too!"

"I love the way Suzenne trains all the time.  She always made it so easy for us to follow and remember her lessons well.  The "Speaking like a Pro" session was packed with so much laughter and practices.  Participants were given opportunities to demonstrate as a team which made our session less nerve-wrecking."

Anna Lim, Salon owner

Gloria Soo, Business Owner

"Suzenne is an extremely competent image/personal branding consultant who took the time to understand my mission as a youth wellness coach. Her professionally powerful coaching skills helped me formalised my brand and effectively communicate with my target audience. I absolutely love how she helped me strategically brand myself without compromising my authenticity nor my identity."

Serene Sim, Youth Wellness Coach

"If you're looking for someone who is genuine and personable, it has got to be Suzenne!  She is someone who will put herself at your level, able to relate to your pain and the capability and experience that she has, to transform you, inside and out are so amazing!

As I take my maiden step into my solo-preneurship I am glad that she is my Master Mentor.  I feel so fearless with her guidance!"

Dannie H, Strategic Training & Ops Specialist

"I trained as an image consultant under Suzenne and it was a thoroughly enjoyable and insightful experience.  She is talented trainer and genuinely passionate about what she does.  I have also attended her other training sessions such as sales, presentation and public- speaking skills and took away several learning points from a trainer's perspective.  

As a trainer myself, Suzenne is definitely my role model and she has helped me improve me training and coaching skills.  I am blessed to have her in my life as my mentor, and I highly recommend her to anyone who's looking for a coach or trainer."

Cindi Wirawan, Millennial Career Coach

"I had the privilege to attend an image and social graces workshop by Suzenne.  

Suzenne is a very engaging trainer. She has given us many examples to bring across important points.  The class was so fun and interactive, I didn't want it to end.

Years later, our paths connected as Suzenne as my coach.  It has only been 2 sessions and yet it has brought a whole new perspective on my personal branding.  I am so looking forward to the next few sessions.  Thank you for identifying my strengths and how i can leverage on them."

Jez Ong, Account Management

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